Posters and Activities

Here are some posters and some info from past campaigns / events.

Can you live on $7.83 a day?



Food Challenge Poster


City in Focus
The only permanent solution to housing need and poverty is to ensure that people have access to adequate income. The crucial first stage in achieving this goal is to enact legislation guaranteeing workers a living wage and welfare recipients a shelter allowance that reflects the actual cost of their regional housing market.

Colour of Poverty
On September 5, 2007, the Colour of Justice Network announced the launching of the Colour of Poverty Campaign – a province-wide community-based effort to help raise public awareness about the serious problem of poverty within the racialized communities of Ontario. With the Department of Canadian Heritage as a key sponsor, the Colour of Poverty Campaign partners have developed a series of ten Fact Sheets addressing different aspects of racialized poverty and its negative impacts on education & learning, health & well-being, employment, income levels, justice and policing, immigration and settlement, housing and homelessness and food security in Ontario.