#ProveIt Letter-Writing to Raise the Rates

This is it. 

This is our final push. A year and a half ago, we never imagined having the chance we have now. And so, this is our time. In February 2019, the provincial budget will be announced. This is the moment when we will see if our government is serious about ending poverty–or not.

Welfare and disability rates have been so low for so long it is practically criminal. And we have heard this new government say that they care about reducing poverty, that they are listening. But we are here in this final stretch to ask them to Prove It.

We are asking you, Raise the Rates supporter, to email/send a letter to: 

Minister Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction: SDPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca 

Minister Carole James, Minister of Finance (really important to have this ministry support a mandate for poverty reduction!): FIN.Minister@gov.bc.ca

And your own MLA (because they are supposed to care about your interests!)

Tell the government that you need to see them raise welfare rates in this budget. That it is time they #walkthetalk, put the money where their consultation-mouth is, and #ProveIt.

Prove they care about the people in the deepest depths of poverty.

Prove they are serious and reducing and ending poverty by reducing that depth of poverty.

Prove they want to take real, tangible action.

So, what do you do?

  1. Open your email browser, or choose your favourite pen and paper.
  2. Introduce yourself with your name, where you live, any relevant details of your life (Do you work at a non-profit? Are you in poverty? Do you access foodbanks? Donate to foodbanks? Are you an academic, city councillor, politician, activist, parent, concerned person?) and why you care about ending poverty. 
  3. Include the reasons why you need to see welfare and disability rates raised. Remember: we want to see rates at the Federal Market Basket Measure (around $1600/month for a city like Vancouver).  Tell your story. The government “knows” the facts, and they know the numbers. What they need to know is why you care, and why this matters to you.  Here are a few other reasons: because raising welfare and disability means saving money for our province, because 1 in 5 children are in poverty in this province (and that’s because their parents are in poverty!), because it’s entirely possible and not even that expensive to end deep poverty in BC!!! 
  4. Make this letter personal, polite, and passionate.

Include Raise the Rates on your message (raise.the.rates17@gmail.com) , and get your friends, neighbours, and co-workers to write a letter as well!