Poor People’s Radio

Starting in 2011, Raise the Rates has organized an annual event outside the CBC on Food Bank day with a “Poor Peoples Radio Show”. This includes songs and people’s experiences to highlight the need for action to end food scarcity and hunger in BC by raising welfare rates.

December is a time of raising money for charity. One of the biggest events is CBC’s Food Bank Day on Dec. 6th. However, with all the efforts and people’s enormous generosity the day raised $652,000 which is just $1.30 for every one of the over 500,000 people who are food insecure in BC.

Food Banks were set up in 1982 as a ‘temporary’ measure. Surely, after 30 years, it is time to ask ‘Why have Food Banks been here so long?’ and ‘Why is there so much need and poverty in BC?’. Food Banks can only temporarily treat hunger, which is a symptom; the cause is poverty and Raise the Rates wants treatment for the causes of poverty.

The people of BC through their generosity are doing their bit to tackle hunger and poverty, it is time the BC government carried its share.