Our Demands

Raise the Rates Coalition calls on the government to do the following:

  • Raise welfare rates to the federal market basket measure: $1600/mo for a single person in a city, with disability rates about $300 a month higher; AND remove arbitrary, punitive barriers to receiving welfare
  • Bring in real rent control so landlords can’t raise rents as much as they like between tenancies;
  • Build about 10,000 units of social housing a year that is safe, community-controlled, dignified housing that low income people can afford; AND Ending homelessness right away with modular housing; and exploring community-led, community-controlled options for housing
  • Overhaul the child welfare system in BC that disproportionately targets Indigenous and racialized mothers in poverty; take the lead from communities in slowing and halting the rate of child apprehensions through preventive measures, supports and actual reconciliation work;
  • Implement a comprehensive, equitable transit strategy including sliding scale low-income passes and free for youth under 18;
  • Restore taxes on the rich to pay for these, and challenge inequalities and inequities everywhere in our current system.