Not Surprised: Government Can (easily) Afford to End Deep Poverty.

So you may have seen that the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives​ recently came out with the numbers and amounts it would take to end deep poverty and raise income assistance and disability rates. Haven’t seen it? TAKE A LOOK:

Government has literally claimed that it costs too much to end poverty for YEARS. This proves them WRONG.
It would cost ~$365 million dollars to raise everyone on social assistance to 75% of the poverty line (called the Market Basket Measure/MBM by the federal government).

Around 180 000 people rely on social assistance.
Essentially: every $1 million invested, you raise ~2000 people out of deep poverty. EXCUSE. ME. How many millions in tax cuts, rebates, evasion do the rich indulge in every day? ENOUGH TO END POVERTY is my bet.

To raise EVERYONE to 100% (aka out of poverty) of the MBM, it would cost around $1.16billion– recognizing that nearly half that number is people with disabilities, for whom assistance is not “last resort”.

Above all– the government has this money today. Could change lives tomorrow.

We’ve been asking for this for actual decades. Government has either ignored us or said “not achievable, not conceivable, not affordable”.
👀👀👀So then you just want people to suffer in deep poverty? To literally die on your watch, for keeping people in poverty, for promoting status quo/cater to the rich agenda?

We make all these appeals– government ignores.
We say, “ignoring poverty costs more!! than!! ending!! it!!!!” — government ignores.

Face the facts : the numbers speak for themselves, even when ethics, moral duty, basic human decency fails. No more excuses. Raise the rates.

“Any way one slices it, we can afford to end poverty in BC and we can most certainly eliminate deep poverty. The BC government can and should budget in 2019 to get all British Columbians on welfare to at least 75% of the MBM poverty line.”.