The Welfare Food Challenge starts Sunday, October 16. Bif Naked gives her support.

bifnakedBif Naked has been a solid supported of the Welfare Food Challenge.

This year she is out of the country so cannot take part . She has sent this letter of support. Bif remains a solid – a rock solid – supporter.

thanks from Raise the Rates

Victory for Others, Love for All

I am incredibly moved whenever I meet people trying to make a difference in the community. It is really these people who embody Gandhi’s great call to action: Be The Change. That is exactly what the Welfare Food Challenge does.

It is an Action.

Raise the Rates Welfare Food Challenge is a deliberate action – to call attention to the injustice we see in our neighbourhoods, to call attention to the fact that people in BC are going hungry on welfare. They are starving for help!

The Welfare Food Challenge is non-violent activism, and it is a way to step up, and speak up, for others. We must speak up for our neighbours who are experiencing poverty, food insecurity, and little help from anyone.

It is the Welfare Recipients themselves, who remain my greatest inspiration. They are Survivors, they have been forced to exist on next-to-nothing, but the struggle has become unbearable as the cost of living increases, year after year. Yet, the welfare and social assistance rates do not increase. It becomes harder and harder just to get by. People in this province struggle and suffer just trying to live.

The truth is that the cost of living is so high in BC that most of us live cheque-to-cheque. This is also true for people living in poverty: they live cheque-to-cheque. Only they go without food, after rent and basic bus or phone card costs are spent. How can they eat on less than three dollars a day?

Could you?

The Welfare Food Challenge does just that: it challenges us to try an eat on what people on welfare have to eat on … and, raises that awareness in the minds of our society: the general population. It is imperative that everyone understands that poverty is more difficult than they know, and more difficult to transcend at the current rates of welfare. Taking this challenge, as an individual, as a family, or as a workplace, leads to understanding. Once people better understand poverty in our province, they will feel outraged. Because we should feel outraged.

Through action, through petitions, through knocking on doors, It is remarkable the level of awareness and collective conscientiousness that is raised each year with the Welfare Food Challenge. We must continue to show our support, raising media attention, creating conversations and dialogue, and planting seeds of action surrounding poverty and the disadvantage that people on welfare in our province continue to be at.

Welfare in British Columbia is not enough to live on. That’s the bottom line, and we should not accept this.

I would like to share my happiness and gratitude to all the participants of this Welfare Food Challenge 2016! You are starting a journey of Great Purpose – Standing up for others and Speaking out against the continuing injustice in our province. People all around us are hungry.

We must take a stand!

We must Be The Change.