Write to your MLA

[MLA Address]


Dear [MLA Name],

I am a member of your constituency and I want you to know that I support the work of the Raise the Rates campaign. Here are some things which I would like to see the British
Columbia Legislature take action on:
• Increase Income Assistance Rates to the Market Basket Measure. This is approximately $1600 a month in Vancouver, for a single person. I want to see the rates indexed to inflation.
• Remove arbitrary barriers that prevent people in need from receiving assistance. The 2-year independence test, the 5-week work search and restrictions based on citizenship status are unfair and prevent people from receiving the help they need.
• Increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour and index it to inflation.
• I want to see an end to the clawbacks that prevent single parents receiving support from the absent parent.
• Build at least 10,000 units of affordable non-market housing per year in addition to increases in supportive housing, assistive living units and shelter beds.
• Provide high quality public childcare.
• Increase the tax rate on people who earn more than $250,000 per year and reverse the tax cuts to corporations.

These measures will ensure that everyone in British Columbia is able to participate in our economies and communities. These measures will help to end poverty in our province.
We should not have anyone in our province that has to live in poverty since there is no
reason why anyone in Canada should have to go without.

By implementing the solutions brought forward by the Raise the Rates campaign, this
government can show the people they care about the well being of British Columbians,
and are willing to fulfill their responsibilities to their constituents.

Yours truly,