Parents in Poverty Welcome Announcement

Stacey Bonenfant

Stacey Bonenfant, a widowed mother of two boys spoke.  “There’s no way we can go to Science World on Family Day.  That’s a week worth of food for us,” she said. We don’t get experiences like the Aquarium and the zoo.  Try to raise two kids on $13,000 a year.  It’s impossible.  We’ll have a healthier and happier province if this goes through.”

Victoria Bull

Victoria Bull told the media she is a grandmother raising a granddaughter on social assistance.  “A welfare increase will also be good for single people because they don’t have enough for food and rent as it is.  That means they have to do things like ride the bus without tickets and sell their things on the street.  It means they get ticket they can’t pay for.  The low welfare rates are making criminals of people who are just trying to survive.  So raising welfare rates will have a lot of benefits for everyone.”