Poor People’s Radio

On Friday December 6th Raise the Rates held its annual Poor People’s Radio. Over 75 people gathered for the Radio show, part of Raise the Rates’ third annual trip to the CBC on the CBC’s Food Bank Day.

 The event was also supported by people from Raise the Rates, VANDU, Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society and the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood house.

 The radio show is to encourage the CBC to discuss why after 31 years of Food Banks hunger is worse now in BC. We also ask the people donating to the Food Bank to not only help feed a person for a day but help to end hunger and poverty in BC by calling on the government to raise welfare and tackle poverty.

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Raise the Rates
Raise the Rates Banner at the CBC
Poor People's Radio
Poor People’s Radio’s Co-hosts Paul & Wendy
Justice not Charity
We want Justice so we don’t have to Depend on Charity
At the CBC
Poor People’s Radio outside the CBC (Not inside)