Raise the Rates Demands

Welcome to the new Raise the Rates website! Be sure to check out the Take Action page to find out how you can help put pressure on government to raise welfare rates.

Raise the Rates is campaigning for 5 demands of the provincial government:

  1. Increase income assistance rates to the Market Basket Measure ($1600 a month for a single person in Vancouver) and index them to inflation.
  2. Remove the arbitrary barriers that keep people in need from receiving income assistance, including the 2-year independence test, the 5-week work search, and restrictions based on citizenship status, and end the claw backs of child support.
  3. Increase the minimum wage to $15/hour and index it to inflation.
  4. Build at least 10 000 units of affordable non-market housing per year in addition to supportive housing, assisted living units and shelter beds.
  5. Increase the tax rate on people who earn over $250,000 a year and reverse the tax cuts to corporations.